I am a story editor and consultant who draws on my extensive first-hand experience as an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter, and more than a decade as a professor and thesis advisor of screenwriting and filmmaking, to empower you to tell—dramatically, cinematically, and professionally—the story you’ve been dying to tell.

Whether you are in development or postproduction; on paper or on set; working on your first draft or an advanced cut; in print or film; in narrative or documentary; or in motion pictures or stills—I will work with you, your project, and your strengths to capture, refine, and, even, exceed your vision.

My approach is strongly intuitive yet methodical, professional, and individualized. It is firmly grounded in dramatic structure, character development, and visual storytelling.

I will support you to develop the self-confidence, insight, and creative vision you need to see your projects through, along with a toolbox to work with and develop long after the process is over.

In the end, it’s all about you and your work.

Marlaine Glicksman has been a story consultant for feature fiction and documentary films including Breakfast with Scot; Full Disclosure; and The End of The Beginning. She has been a professor of screenwriting and filmmaking, and a thesis advisor, at New York University, Brooklyn College, School of Visual Arts, and the New School. Her own award-winning films and screenplays include The Commandment Keepers; Mae Lee (Johnson Fellowship finalist; NYU Graduate Film); Still Life (Louis B. Mayer Award; Columbia University); Together & Apart (screenwriter; directed by Laurie Lynd); and The Old Country (Writers Guild of America East screenplay writing finalist).

Marlaine has been an editor of books including photographer Ernesto Bazan’s Al Campo.

She is a journalist published in Rolling Stone, George, VIBE, and Film Comment; and a photojournalist who has shot for VIBE, George, and Travel & Leisure.

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